I am not one of those DJs who just plays what they want, with a limited selection of songs or mixes, I go all out to make every party as unique as possible creating a party atmosphere that will take you back to your youth or a specific moment in your life.

House Party DJ@2x

From my perspective nothing is more fun or beats a house party, not only can you get away with longer hours than a venue hire, but you can also spend the hire fees on entertaining your guests. I charge by the hour, so if your party goes on into the early hours, you have nothing to worry about. I freestyle my mixes & build a playlist with the host of the party to ensure we have the right vibe & a unique mix for every single party.

 My musical taste is eclectic to say the least, whether you want dance anthem classics, soul, 70s disco, old skool hip hop or 90s pop, I cater for all parties. I also enjoy a bit of cheese, I challenge anyone who doesn’t!

Unlike many DJs I am also happy to take requests on the night, but please do note that I don’t play any songs without naming the person who recommended it, as I am not going to be blamed for any dodgy requests.

I also have a range of partners who can help with the services required from bar hire to lighting, to food, (we all know how important that is at a house party) to dancers & shot guys & girls. I am also able to recommend a cleaning service that will return your house or garden back to how it was the day before in a matter of hours.

So if you are interested in learning more about The House Party DJ then get in touch today.